Wednesday, January 28, 2009

AT&T teaming with Apple to make 3G-ready MacBooks?

AppleInsider mentions that AT&T could be working with Apple to make 3G-ready MacBooks to help boost its cellular business.

Glenn Laurie, AT&T's Emerging Devices Group president, says that he would like his company to deal with more than the iPhone when it comes to Apple. It makes since that AT&T could be trying to expand its contracts with Apple to help them make more money in the long run. Glenn infers that AT&T is working on expanding to non-phone devices that also run on the cellular network.

In the past Steve Jobs has mentioned that Apple is doing investigations on the technology. He also said that that he does not want to have their laptops rely on carriers to expand the wireless range. It is unknown is Apple will decide to do this in the future or not.

Another possibility is that future MacBooks could have built-in 3G standard, but not require you to sign a service agreement when you buy the laptop. This would make more since for Apple to do if they wanted to give people more options when they are searching for a laptop.

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